PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A homeowner in Pensacola defended his home with multiple guns after coming home and finding a man undressed on top of the landing in his kitchen, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.  

Michael Garcia, 40, was arrested for two counts of burglary and one count larceny.

According to the arrest report, on Sept. 6, deputies responded to a shots fired disturbance. Upon arrival, the victim said she entered their residence through the side door entrance that they left unlocked. Upon entering, the victim said that Garcia was standing on top of the landing in the kitchen inside of their home. The victim said she asked Garcia who he was, and Garcia responded, “PawPaw Don said I can be here, he lets me shower.”

The victims husband said that he entered the den and was met by Garcia who pushed him backward. The husband walked through the left side of the living room, making his way to the .410ga shotgun he had in the corner next to the front door to defend himself and his wife against Garcia, according to the arrest report. The husband said that he grabbed the shotgun, cocked it and aimed it at Garcia, who pushed the barrel of the shotgun away from himself as the husband shot and caused him to shoot into the ceiling.

The husband said that he was able to pin Garcia against the wall and struck him with an elbow to the temple. According to the arrest report, Garcia grabbed the gun from the husband, so the husband reached into the closet that was directly next to the front door and grabbed a 9mm pistol. The husband said as he grabbed his pistol, Garcia unlocked the front door, jumped the hedges, hollered for “pawpaw” and began to flee towards Cerny Village.

Deputies said they made contact with a witness who was the next-door neighbor to the victims, and she said that she was walking from her backyard towards the front corner of her house when she heard a “boom that sounded like fireworks.” She then said that Garcia came onto her property and said, “Do you remember me?” According to the arrest report, Garcia ran around the first complex of Cerny Village and then the victim saw Garcia come back around the complex making weird arm and hand movements. The witness said she was able to calm him down.

Garcia was booked into the Escambia County Jail on a $201,000 bond.

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