PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Pensacola Ice Flyers have welcomed a future service dog to the ice.

The puppy, Ranger, is a future service dog through the national non-profit organization called Canine Companions. Canine Companions is an organization that helps provide service dogs to those with physical disabilities, according to a news release from the Pensacola Ice Flyers.

Ranger is a black labrador/golden retriever mix. He will be raised and socialized by long-time volunteer puppy raisers, LeAnne Pickering and Weston Cramer.

Ice Flyers owner Greg Harris said he was fortunate enough to get to know Cramer and Pickering’s previous puppy.

“We had talked multiple times about the Ice Flyers having a puppy as part of the team and everything else fell into place in late December,” said Harris. “Although we did not get to name the puppy, I feel the name Ranger is perfect as he now is also a tribute to Weston and his service and sacrifice to the country.”

Cramer was an Army Ranger who served from 2003 to 2008 with the Third Infantry Division and was deployed in 2005 for Operation Iraqi Freedom III.

Puppies like Ranger have been around since the company began in the mid-70’s, according to the release.

Harris said, “I know our fans and community will love having an Ice Flyers puppy and will look forward to having him as a member of the Ice Flyers family.”

Ice Flyers fans can follow Ranger and his progress on the team’s official social media pages and will soon be able to see Ranger at home games.