PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. (WKRG) — Despite almost canceling this year’s annual New Year’s Eve Fireworks display at Pensacola Beach, the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce announced they are, in fact, holding the event this year.

At the stroke of midnight, keep your eyes to the skies as a dazzling light display will take place overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound from the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk.

The Chamber said this year’s fireworks show was initially canceled due to 2022 budget restrictions and the dramatic cost increase of fireworks. However, due to numerous requests from the beach business community, the Beach Chamber said they have committed to sponsoring the event again this year.

“We received lots of feedback that this annual tradition must continue for years to come, no matter the rising cost,” Meg Peltier, president and CEO of the beach chamber said. “We are determined to do all we can to support our local beach businesses and beach community year-round. In order to accomplish this goal, we are making an appeal to our local beach businesses and chamber members to help us defray this unbudgeted cost by donating toward the event cause.”

The event is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 31, at midnight, from the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk.