PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A Pensacola barber has accomplished quite the haircutting feat. Creighton Road Barbershop owner and barber Bob Eckols completed his 150,000th haircut Thursday morning.

Eckols, 68, has been cutting hair for almost 35 years. Eckols said to accomplish the major milestone, it’s taken working six days a week and gaining clients who put their trust in him to give them a good cut.

“It’s awesome. I really didn’t expect this to ever happen, but it has been overwhelming to some degree,” Eckols said Thursday morning. “I still can’t believe I’ve done 150,000 haircuts.”

Eckols said he’s tracked every haircut he’s given since he became a barber in 1987. He became a barber to supplement his salary as a pastor and has been doing it ever since, he said.

“When (customers) remember me, there will be some who say, ‘I remember him cutting my hair when I was in grade school. I remember him when I was going through flight school,’” said Eckols, who worked for years on board Naval Air Station Pensacola as a civilian barber. “Years later, they’ll say, ‘I remember Bob, and he always gave me the good haircuts.’”

Pensacola resident Harry Boyette, who has been a customer of Eckols for about five years, was haircut No. 150,000 on Thursday morning. He had an 8:30 a.m. appointment.

“It was kind of a surprise. It’s kind of special,” Boyette said. “I’ve had other people cut my hair. Bob seems to be the one who gets it right most of the time. My wife really appreciates him. He does a good job.”

Eckols says he appreciates and cherishes his customers who have made 150,000 haircuts possible.

“They’re just not customers,” he said. “They’re my friends.”

As for what’s next, Eckols said he hopes to aim for another milestone.

“If I live long enough, 200,000 (haircuts). That’s the idea,” Eckols said. “Go for it.”