PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Feeding the homeless is a priority for many nonprofit organizations this holiday season.

Dozens of homeless and food insecure lined up Friday, Dec. 24 in Pensacola for a Christmas event organized by Fearless Community, a nonprofit that helps aid the homeless living under the I-110 overpass near downtown Pensacola.

Those who attended were treated to a Christmas feast and received presents. About 250 people were fed.

Fearless Community, Parks and Long Construction, Rollin’ In Dough, Waterfront Mission, One In Christ Church, Concord Presbyterian Church, Brownsville Church, Northridge Church and more pitched in to put on the event.

Melissa Johnson, executive director with Fearless Community, attended the event.

“Today, we are out celebrating Christmas,” said Johnson. “Bringing them joy, fun and laughter and giving them hope again that we’re here for solutions, and we’re not giving up on them.”

The homeless living under the overpass will soon be forced to leave after the Pensacola City Council voted to not extend a moratorium on evictions at the homeless camp.

Johnson said she hopes the event brought joy to many who face an uncertain future.

“People tell me they’ve never had a Christmas, a present,” she said. “It’s such a feeling that no one can explain, and I’m just so blessed to be able to do it for them, as well as the many volunteers that are here.”

The eviction moratorium ended Thursday, Dec. 23. The Pensacola City Council has a goal to provide solutions and get the homeless moved out from under the bridge by mid-January.