PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The marquees at the Pensacola Bay Center are being replaced, but that’s not the only improvement the center has made, according to general manager Michael Capps.

Capps said both marquees were damaged during Hurricane Sally to the point where they weren’t able to operate.

“We went through the assessment with the county and FEMA and went through the process to replace both of them,” Capps said. “The reason it took so long is because with Hurricane Sally, advertising and signage isn’t that big of a priority. Life safety and security is.”

As of right now, the Capps is waiting on the new marquees to arrive, but he said they are on schedule.

“We started the demo this month, so we are on schedule,” Capps said. “As far as the LEDs and signage, it is in country, but we are not exactly sure where it is. It is scheduled to be here next week, though. We will start putting them up when they come here, and they should be up by the end of August.”

The marquees are not the only improvements made to the center over the years.

“When Sunbelt Basketball came in, we started with bringing in some video boards, which also helped advance our hockey team,” Capps said. “All our events are using it. Those are 4 mm boards that are high definition. The new boards going up on the outside are the same thing. We’ve replaced all of our exterior doors, replaced our flooring in our concourse bathrooms, done some concession stands rebranding and wraps. We are also adding different capacities to the point sales system. It helps expedite the lines. We are looking at grab and go options, as well. Less contact for safety, but also makes things a lot quicker around here.”

With the building being 36 plus years old, Capps said there’s a growing list of things they need to improve.

“Of course with the age of the building, there’s a lot of stuff you can add, move and change,” Capps said. “So, we are engaged in conversation with owner of the building, the county and working with our partners here to help develop those.”

Capps said they continue to make these upgrades to continue providing a service to the community.

“We want to bring people in for events and provide quality content and entertainment for the community,” Capps said. “Not only for our local patrons, but for visitors that come to the area.”

There isn’t a solid number on how much the improvements will cost, but Capps said they are strategically improving things to lower the cost.

“We looked at numbers to redo the whole building and it was through the roof,” Capps said. “It’s very hard to go after something like that. That is why we are looking at how we can improve slowly in different areas. That way we are cutting costs.”

The Pensacola Bay Center is hosting Monster Jam this weekend. For more information, click here.

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