PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Thousands of people marched across the country calling for gun reform–those protests also included a rally in Pensacola. A long line of dozens of protesters makes their way through downtown Pensacola. March for Our Lives was started after a Florida school shooting–and that message continues to resonate.

“I am one of many students in school who feel threatened not only by shooters but our own government,” said student Diego Rojas. Organizers say there are many solutions to the persistent problem of gun violence.

“Banning assault rifles, red flag laws and addressing the mental health crisis and coming together with both sides of the aisle,” said Florida DNC member Samantha Hope-Herring. The march isn’t a monolith either. Co-organizer Taran Black showed me his conceal carry card and says he supports the 2nd Amendment.

“It’s simply about putting together gun reform that benefits all parties regardless of what side of the spectrum you’re on,” said Black. Most call for reform. Even if those goals aren’t met they want activists to be active.

“Even if it’s just joining another organization, going to Tallahassee to lobby or going to the capital to lobby, people have to understand that this violence isn’t going to go away just because we act like it’s not there,” said Rodney Jones with Movement for Change in Pensacola.