PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A man who had a close encounter with a shark and his friends who rushed to help him say they’re thankful no one was hurt.

It was a New Year’s Day Chad Patti will never forget and he caught it all on camera.

“The first scream you can kinda hear the terror of I don’t know what’s going on exactly,” Chad said.

A Mako shark plowed into him from behind while he was spear fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. It tore off the fin on his right foot and swam away.

“The first thing that went through my mind is I don’t have a leg,” Chad said. “I felt a lot of pressure on my right leg from where I think her peck fin hit my leg.”

His fellow divers, Josh Loucks and Nathan Lancaster, were on the boat 30 feet away.

“It was intense,” Loucks said.

They were wrapping up for the day and were on the way to pick him up out of the water.

“As we pulled up to him, there was an extremely large swirl under Chad,” Josh said. “You could see he got moved by something. We pretty much instantly knew what was going on.”

Josh jumped in to help get him out of there quickly.

“There was a huge sense of relief once we were all back in the boat with our arms and legs,” Josh said.

Among these three, they’ve encountered sharks hundreds of times but nothing like this.

“It hits a little different, quite literally, pun intended, it hits a little different when you are seen as food instead of just curiousity like 99 percent of the sharks we deal with out here,” Nathan said.

They say they won’t let this stop them.

“No, actually I was out diving today,” Chad laughed. “I just got out of the water.”

Since that day, they say they dive closer together to keep a close eye on one another.