PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — For the 50th year, the Great Gulf Coast Art Festival is once again transforming downtown Pensacola into a vibrant art exhibit.

“This show is kind of like the super bowl of art shows. It’s probably top 10 in the country,” said Photographer Michael Jasinski.

Located at Seville Square Park, the festival will display art ranging anywhere from paintings, sculptures, jewelry and more.

The Great Gulfcoast Art Festival is a ‘juried’ art show, which means of the 600 who apply, only around 200 artists get to set up a booth.

Artists travel from all over the county to come to Great Gulf Coast Art Festival.

“I do love coming down here. It’s such a beautiful area, the people are nice the beaches are gorgeous so I get to spend a little time having fun in addition to doing work,” said Robin Kittleson, a glass artist from Chicago.

The artists have the opportunity to compete for $25,000 in a cash prize, but that’s not what motivates them.

“I come here to sell my artwork. When people buy it I consider myself like the people’s choice when they give me compliments,” said Jasinski.

“The prizes are really nice, but that’s not something I consider when I decide to do a show,” said Kittleson.

The Great Gulf Coast Art Festival contributes around $15 million to the local economy and is all run by volunteers.

“This has been an all-volunteer event since the beginning, and there’s just an amazing group of volunteers that makes this event happen every year,” said the festival’s co-chair Bryan McCall.

In addition to the art displays, the festival hosts other local vendors, food and music.

Roughly 120,000 to 150,000 people are expected to attend the festival through November 6.