PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — With hurricane season on the way, power companies are getting prepared so they’re ready to respond and get your power back on once again.

Florida Power & Light said its annual storm drill week gets its employees ready for if and when disaster strikes.

“We are out here with a lot of the technology and equipment we would use following a hurricane,” said Sarah Gatewood, a communications manager with FPL. “We drill. We have an actual scenario, and we practice what we were to do in case that were to happen so we can think through every different situation and be prepared to respond whenever a storm comes our way.”

FPL said the key to restoring power is communication. That’s where its mobile command units come in.

“When we have a natural disaster, this is what we use to set up a mobile command center to allow us to be close to the damage and manage the crews without having to set up permanent structures,” said Patrick Davidson, FPL’s area manager for distribution.

At the command centers, FPL can dispatch crews to help restore power. The company’s mobile communications trailer keeps cell service working.

“We would be able to stand this up at one of our staging sites,” said Martin Dobek, FPL’s Northwest Florida IT Manager. “Everyone at the staging site would be able to have communications back to our command centers is South Florida.”

“(We would be) communicating with foreman and crews on site about the problems they’re finding. The material needs,” Davidson said. “Communicating with local governments, cities, counties, getting roadways cleared.”

FPL said while they prepare for hurricane season, customers should, too.

“We are already seeing tropical weather so make sure you are ready,” Gatewood said. “We want our customers to know we will work around the clock to get your lights back on as safely and as quickly as we can.”

Hurricane season starts June 1.