ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — When a child lost consciousness on a ride at OWA in Foley, that was the last straw for a man who finally reported egregious alleged neglect to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. A Cantonment woman, tasked with caring for the child, is now in jail.

45-year-old Sabrina Dawn Neufeldt was charged with child neglect on Jan. 21.

Deputies spoke with the man who reported the alleged abuse on Jan. 18. He said on Dec. 20, 2022, Neufeldt contacted him asking if she and her son could “stay with him for a while.” He said he agreed and let Neufeldt and the victim stay with him rent-free until she was able to “get her life back on track.”

On the same day, the man said he drove to Flomaton, Ala., to get Neufeldt and the victim from a camper they had been living in. The man said he noticed the living conditions in the camper to be “horrible,” seeing black mold, rats and a wet interior. When he saw the victim, he said the child had pale skin, dark rings around his eyes and severe teeth rotting with an abscess.

Neufeldt told the man she needed to get insurance to provide medical care for the victim, but “failed to do anything.”

29 days later, the man finally reported the alleged neglect after the child lost consciousness on a ride at OWA. The arrest report said on Jan. 15, the victim was seen by paramedics after losing consciousness. The paramedics told Neufeldt the child’s blood pressure was low. She told the paramedics she would take the victim to the hospital the next day, but the man told deputies she never did, and decided to “drink heavily.”

The man said Neufeldt told his roommate later in the same day that she was going on a motorcycle ride with an “unknown friend.” The man said Neufeldt did not return, and he thought at the time that she was “on the run” because she had failed to care for the victim.

The man said he does not have custody of the child, nor is he on the birth certificate. He said he had not seen the victim in six years until Neufeldt reached out to him for help.

Ever since the child came to live with the man, the man said he has been feeding him multiple meals a day to help him gain weight. The man also said the victim has never attended school before, so he has been trying to teach him at home. The man told deputies he would like to obtain custody of the victim and get him the correct medical attention he needs.

Deputies said the victim had approximately eight rotten teeth on the bottom and top of his mouth.

Deputies then spoke with the man’s roommate, who said she had been living with the man since Jan. 1, 2023. She said when she first saw the victim, she noticed he was underweight and had rotten teeth. The roommate said Neufeldt told her about rats and black mold in the camper and that she often didn’t have food to feed the victim. The roommate said Neufeldt told her she has been homeless or she was in “abusive relationships.”

The roommate said she was at OWA when the victim loss consciousness and said paramedics told them the child looked anemic and was positive for orthostatic hypotension, which would require medical treatment, but Neufeldt went on a motorcycle ride instead of getting him medical treatment.

On Jan. 18, deputies were able to talk with Neufeldt on the phone. They asked several questions including if she applied for insurance, about the incident at OWA and about the victim’s teeth. The answers were redacted in the arrest report, but deputies said for every question, Neufeldt would blame it on the man. She told deputies the man was trying to “take the child away from her.”

Neufeldt was booked into the Escambia County Jail on a $50,000 bond.