PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — First City Art Center will host their annual pumpkin patch Saturday, Oct. 8. The event will feature handmade ceramic and glass pumpkins of all colors shapes, and sizes.

The local artists have years of experience and will display about 6,000 pumpkins. The center said they expect the pumpkins to go quick since 3,000 are likely to be in attendance. The festival will take place at the Blue Wahoo’s Stadium. 

A portion of the money raised by the event will help fund the public art center’s programs such as mentorships, classes and camps.

Many of this year’s artists found their passion for art while working with First City Art Center.

“I started my junior year of high school I just continued with it because it was really fun and now I’m one of the artists in the pumpkin patch and it gave me a whole new life experience and a whole new skill,” said glass Artist Sierra Werdann.

Juliana Rousseau is now an art major after she got involved with the center.

“I really just fell in love with the art and now I’m actually an art major in college so I’ll be pursuing art for the rest of my life,” said Rousseau.

The artists and staff members of First City Art are most excited to see the reaction from the community as they pour into the stadium.

“I love watching people find their special pumpkin, the one that speaks to them,” said First City Art board member Tim Nolan.

General admission opens to the public at 1 p.m. “First Pick” tickets are available to FCAC members for 10 a.m. admission, which costs $30. At 11 a.m., entry is available for nonmembers at $40.