FERRY PASS, Fla. (WKRG) — Neighbors are cleaning up in Northwest Florida after a confirmed EF-1 tornado caused damage early Wednesday morning.

“It was pretty wild,” Donald Wiggins said.

It was a chaotic morning for Wiggins and his family. They rushed to their safe place just after 5 a.m.

“It was so much wind and rain and debris flying around,” Wiggins said.

He saw lightning flashing everywhere and he said one strike split a tree in half.

“I heard tons of lightning coming down so I got up made my way to the door,” he said. “As I opened it, I saw a bunch of lightning and I saw a tree flying by.”

Brenna Morgan lives nearby. The loud thunder gave her a similar wake up call.

“There was a big crash of lightning…made it look like a camera flash in my room and booming thunder then the alerts went off,” Morgan said.

Morgan walked outside to find a tree down very close to her house.

“I’ve had friends who had trees fall into their roofs before while they were sleeping so I’m just happy that wasn’t me,” Morgan said.

Most of the tornado damage is along Whitmire Drive off of Olive Road. A roof was ripped off of a structure and a travel trailer was toppled over in the area.

Down the street, EyeGlass World on Davis Highway had windows knocked out and the awning torn off the building.

No injuries were reported.