PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The family of a man accused of shooting at police during a warrant search is accusing Pensacola Police of negligence, which resulted in the child being injured.

Corey Marioneaux, Jr. and his family say a child left in police custody was injured while police investigated the shooting on Feb. 3. 

“I need justice for my children,” said Moiya Dixon, the injured child’s mother. “I demand justice for my children.” 

At about 5 a.m., the Pensacola Police Department served a high-risk warrant at a home in the 2500 block of North 7th Avenue. 

Marioneaux was inside and shot at SWAT team member, according to police. Police returned fire but no one was hurt. 

Marioneaux and his family claim he thought it was an intruder coming in the home. 

At a press conference Thursday, Marioneaux’s lawyers called on the state attorney’s office to drop his charges because the gun was fired in self-defense. 

“He grabbed his fire arm to protect his little boys from whatever was attempting to invade his home,” said attorney James Bryant with The Cochran Firm. 

The family claims while police were investigating that shooting, a child removed from the home fell out of a police cruiser and injured his face. 

“When the officer opened that door, guess what he did? He dropped (the boy) on his head,” said Bryant. “Smashed on the concrete.”

The family claims police tried to keep the boy’s mother from seeking medical attention. 

“Why did they cancel EMS from sending him to a hospital? How could you ever cancel EMS from sending a 1-year-old child who suffered any type of head injury to the hospital while in your custody?” said Bryant. “Then, to tell the mother not to take him to the emergency room.”

Marioneaux and his lawyers are now calling for charges to be filed against the officers on scene. Several state and federal lawsuits against PPD will be filed on behalf of Marioneaux and his children, according to Bryant.

“How could you do that to somebody? How could you do that to a baby? I just don’t understand it,” said Dixon. “How dare you do this to my child and not take ownership?”

The Pensacola Police Department said it will not comment on the claims until the internal affairs investigation into the shooting is complete. The investigation is standard procedure when an officer fires his or her weapon.