ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — Jessica Hunter had just gotten off work from and was riding her beloved motorcycle home when she was rear-ended at a traffic light on Highway 29.

“I looked for somewhere to get out of the way but by the time I looked back I was already hit,” said Hunter. “I went flying through the air a bit.”

The terrifying accident of February 8 shattered both of her kneecaps, broke her leg in six places, and resulted in a multitude of surgeries. But, she says a guardian angel stepped in and helped keep her calm during the horrifying ordeal.

“He comforted me and told me it was going to be okay and he held my head,” said Hunter. “He helped EMS get me onto the board and everything until I got to the ambulance.”

Now that she’s on the road to recovery, Hunter wants to thank the man who stepped in to help her in her time of need.

She says he has white hair and wears glasses, and had on a black collared shirt the day of the accident.

She wants to find him to give him a proper thank you for helping save her life that day.

“I just wanna say I really appreciate it because even though it might not have seemed like it helped, it really did,” said Hunter. “I’m glad that there’s still people like that.”

Hunter says she’s lucky to still have both of her legs and hopes to soon regain the strength to begin walking again. She says she’s had a great support system of family and friends to help her along the way.

As for her bike, Hunter says as soon as she can walk again, she’ll be riding.