ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office honored their own Wednesday. Families, deputies and city officials gathered to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty at the annual Law enforcement Memorial Ceremony.

Sheriff Chip Simmons told WKRG News 5 the ceremony is a way to thank the deputies who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“This is our way to pay homage to them but also to show their families, that they will forever be etched, not just in the memorial, but they will also be etched in our hearts and our minds as long as we have the sheriff’s office,” said Simmons.

Many new deputies also took part in the ceremony.

“There were probably 20 deputies here that are just beginning their training, and I think it’s important for them to understand that we didn’t get here by accident,” said Simmons. “We got here because we’ve been standing on the shoulders of heroes. We’ve been standing on the shoulders of our forefathers. And I think it’s important for them to understand that this is exactly what we need to do. These are our heroes and we will continue to talk about them. Their names will echo the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office forever.” 

The Escambia County Sheriff’s office has lost 13 deputies and 2 K-9s in the line of duty:
Sheriff A. Cary Ellis – January 1, 1923
Constable Mallory Williams – May 4, 1941
DS Joseph Elmer Whitworth – April 22, 1954
Constable WM. “Clint” Rigby – September 4, 1955
Patrolman Roland Davis, Sr. – September 24, 1955
DS Len B. Adams – June 16, 1958
DS Joseph Mallory Gassman – January 30, 1966
DS Charles Leroy Wilkerson – January 19, 1974
DS Morley “Buddy” Ray – April 7, 1978
DS Floyd “Doug” Heist – May 3, 1980
CPL. Eric Byron Streeter – March 11, 1984
DS Donald Ray Cook – December 3, 1988
DS Sgt. Dennis Mathis – July 27, 1989
Sgt, Roosevelt Walker, Jr. – May 22, 1998
Lt. George Hura, Jr. – May 4, 2004