ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — Each year Escambia County Fire Rescue responds to holiday dinner disasters. Monday they hosted their turkey fry demonstration, showing you precisely what not to do when preparing your holiday dinner.

Escambia County Fire Rescue showed the dangers of frying a turkey that is not completely thawed. “When they put it in there, it flashes up and what they typically get is second and third-degree burns on their chest, their arms and their face,” said Ray Melton Fire and Life Safety Specialist of ECFR.

The U.S. Fire Administration warns those who are deep frying their turkeys to keep the fryer at least 10 feet away from their home.

“People put their cookers entirely too close to the house, and should a fire break out, next thing you know the house is on fire,” said Melton.

Escambia County fire rescue said 87% of their responses are to cooking-related accidents. These fires can cause both physical harm and millions of dollars in property damage.

ESCR recommends having a fire extinguisher, that you know how to use, on hand.  

“We don’t want to use water on a grease fire, that only expands it. People get into panic mode they grab the garden hose, a bucket of water and next thing you know the fire has spread,” said Melton.