ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — The Escambia County Children’s trust announced its almost $ 6 million plan to fund local after-school and summertime programs. The funding hopes to meet the needs of the kids in our community.

“The youth said themselves they have nothing to do,” said Children’s Trust Executive Director Tammy Green.

Green hopes the after-school program will keep kids busy and out of trouble. Funding will be divided up between local programs that aid Escambia County kids.

James Washington at James B. Washington Education and Sports, hopes his nonprofit will see some of the Children’s Trust’s funding.

“We’ve been having problems with supplies, costs, getting permits, finding workers,” said Washington.

Washington and his team support over 120 children and provide tutoring, snacks, activities and art for kids in the community. They’re hoping to receive funds to help with their expansion.

Children’s Trust, James B. Washington Education and Sports and other nonprofits hope to provide at-risk kids a safe outlet.

“They can be engaging in risky behaviors. Experimenting with drugs, or alcohol. There’s opportunity for teen pregnancies and crime. So we really want to create positive opportunities,” said Greer.

However, The Children’s Trust will not decide which programs will see their funding, and a grants committee will make the decision. Funds are expected to be allocated to the chosen programs in the new year.