PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — If you need a job, Escambia County is hiring in Northwest Florida.

“We are making some progress,” said County Administrator Wes Moreno as the county tries to fill 465 vacancies.

The struggle to find employees is a lingering effect of the Covid pandemic and Moreno said they realize in today’s world they have to bump up the pay.

“It is absolutely a different job market than it was prior to the pandemic,” said Moreno. “We’re having to pay higher wages but it is what it is. If you want good people, you’ve got to pay them.”

The county has open positions in several departments including ECAT bus drivers, 911 dispatchers, firefighters and corrections officers. The county has struggled to keep corrections officers because of low pay and safety issues inside the jail but both of those are improving. Currently, Corrections Director Rich Powell has 22 interviews scheduled by April 20.

“11 of those interviews were for certified corrections officers, officers who already have their state certification so that’s very positive,” said Moreno.

If you’d like to apply for any of these jobs, you can go to the Pensacola Bay Center next Saturday, April 23 all day for what they’re calling a Career Extravaganza.

“I’m trying to tell folks we don’t have jobs,” said Moreno. “We have careers and they’re good careers.”

For all of the job openings and how much they pay in Escambia County, click here.