ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — The Escambia County Sheriff’s office is looking into four different cold case homicides in Escambia County as part of a two-day Cold Case Symposium.

The symposium is made up of retired and volunteer law enforcement detectives from the area.

“We consider a case to be cold when we have exhausted all available leads and we are not able to establish probable cause for an arrest. Just because a case is considered cold does not mean we have forgotten about the victim or their families,” the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

The cases of the following victims will be investigated:

Connie Slaughter: December 10, 2010. Slaughter was found near her vehicle at her residence. She was found with blood on her hands and face. Her keys and cell phone were missing from the scene.

Steven Davis: August 26, 1998. Davis was shot in his cab after leaving the Winn Dixie parking lot at 400 Navy Blvd.. The cab was located with the driver’s and passenger doors open and the drivers window shattered.

Anna Louise Brown: April 30, 2017. Brown was found dead on the side of the road near Gibson Rd. and Alligator Creek after being shot multiple times. Family members expressed concern about Brown’s ex-husband due to him being verbally and physically abusive.

Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Underwood: January 3, 1980. 9 year old Kenneth Underwood was last seen playing (hunting) near an abandoned church near Calloway and Booker St. in Cantonment on January 2, 1980. He was found the following day by rescue personal. He was found with a 20 foot section of pine tree over the upper portion of his body. His belt and BB gun were found in two different areas about 50 feet from his body.

The symposium will take place Wednesday and Thursday.

“We look to take advantage of the years of experience these veteran law enforcement professionals bring,” said Sheriff Chip Simmons. “Just because someone is retired, doesn’t mean they have lost their experience and intuition. We hope that our current cold case investigators combined with volunteer experienced retirees can help close these cases and bring closure to the families.”