PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Elected officials in Northwest Florida are calling on the governor and state lawmakers to do more about surging insurance rates.

This comes as Progressive announced it’s not renewing policies for some homeowners. About 100,000 policyholders are expected to be affected next year.

Escambia County commissioners said they’re getting complaints from people who say they can’t afford the doubled property insurance rates.

“Folks that have never had anything, no claims at all, are having their policies doubled or canceled,” Commissioner Jeff Bergosh said. “My own policy went up another 1,500 bucks this year. I’ve had one claim in 20 years. It’s just not sustainable. It’s going to squeeze the middle class.”

The commissioners plan to raise concerns with state legislators and push them to focus on insurance reform in the 2024 legislative session. They will bring it up at the Escambia County Legislative Delegation meeting on October 26th.