PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Embattled Pensacola dentist Charles Stamitoles was sentenced to another 8 months in prison for battery charges on Friday afternoon.

During the trial on Friday, Circuit Court Judge Kristina Lightel heard from victims who alleged they were touched inappropriately by Stamitoles, witnesses who spoke in favor of Stamitoles, and she heard from Stamitoles himself.

The first victim told the court she is unsure if she will ever trust another healthcare provider again.

“I felt violated in a situation where I should have felt comfortable and taken care of,” the victim said. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to trust a healthcare provider in the same way I was able to prior to this incident. I will always do further research before scheduling an appointment for myself or for my children. But I also feel worried about my grandparents and other people who don’t have internet access. They won’t be able to have the same privilege of doing the research before seeing a doctor.”

Since her incident, the victim said she has seen Stamitoles in public, which she said makes her feel nauseous and anxious.  

“I had to pack up my family and leave an event because he had shown up,” the victim said. “I have been out to eat with my children when Dr. Stamitoles has walked into the restaurant, and it instantly ruins the time I am spending with my children. He has publicly shown off his ankle monitor at my dad’s place of work. He has continued show zero remorse for anything he has done. He has shown that he thinks he is above the law and has shown he cannot follow simple orders to not leave the area. I fully believe he needs a mental health evaluation and therapy as part of his sentence.”

Another victim in the case said she has lost apart of herself after an incident with Stamitoles.

“I haven’t been able to look at my body anymore,” the victim said. “I’ve gained 10 pounds. I was violated that day and it’s like it turned off a switch and I disassociated from myself in a way. Weeks after it happened, I stayed isolated in my room. I felt gross, even when my mom tried to hug me, or when my boyfriend tried to cuddle with me. I still have a hard time being touched. I also developed super embarrassing panic attacks. I don’t sleep very well at night and when I do, I have nightmares.”

Not only is she the one affected, but she also said it has affected everyone around her.

“My mother is the one that wakes me up when I’m screaming,” the victim said. “My father, step-father and boyfriend are supportive, and they have put their feelings of anger and guilt of not being able to protect me away, but they still have those feelings.”

Stamitoles took the stand, telling the judge he is humiliated and sorry. He mentioned several times doctors should wear body cameras while practicing and if he could go back, he would do the same.

“If I could have had a body camera on my jacket, I would recommend every doctor in the country to wear one,” Stamitoles said. “Because there are certain things you have to do in dentistry. I think some things got out of hand.”

He told the judge not to worry about him doing anything because he will “always have a body camera on.”

“I’m not a creeper,” Stamitoles said. “I am very happy with my life outside of the dental office.”

Stamitoles argued there are patients out there that he practiced on that still need work done, and he said he doesn’t want them to accrue costs on work he can finish.

“I promise I will go from home to the office and nowhere else,” Stamitoles said. “It’s a responsibility that have and I would hate for somebody to go out and accrue expenses that I could handle very easily but haven’t been able to finish. I’m very tired and want to get on with my life.”

Regarding the allegations, Stamitoles told the judge it was all a miscommunication.

“I think people can interpret certain things differently,” Stamitoles said. “I’m saying as a dentist, I’m not trying to do dentistry for that type of thing. As a dentist, I try to keep peoples’ minds off what we’re doing. It’s not going where they are saying it’s going. I do talk a lot and you are working over somebody when you’re working. Maybe people felt a certain way, but it certainly wasn’t intentional.”

Stamitoles wife testified on his behalf, and said he is a “very caring man.” He told the judge the practice was very busy and always had open doors.

“He didn’t have time to do what they said he did,” she said. “I know he didn’t do this.”

She said her husband loves life and is always positive.

“He wants the best for everybody,” she said. “He gives compliments to males; he gives compliments to females. It’s just who he is.”

Though she said she hasn’t had the chance to talk with her husband, she said moving forward there will be no dentistry in their life anymore.

“We are looking forward to spending time together as husband and wife,” she said.

She then quoted 2 Corinthians 13, “This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

“We have no witnesses that have seen anything,” she said. “We have had our staff come here. Saw nothing, heard nothing. Patients that day in the reception room saw nothing and heard nothing. It’s his word against her word. There’s no proof.”

Prosecution argued the allegations had nothing to do with dentistry.

“These aren’t something that was simply misconstrued, dental work performed correctly misinterpreted by the victims,” an attorney with the State Attorney’s Office said. “This was an individual, and several victims testified today, in a position of power and abusing that power. Taking advantage of his patients.”

Earlier this month, Stamitoles was arrested again on perjury charges. According to court documents filed on Jan. 3, Stamitoles failed to comply with his pretrial release agreement, which did not allow him to leave Escambia, Santa Rosa or Okaloosa Counties, except to travel to see attorneys in Tallahassee with 48 hours’ notice given to pre-trial release.

Lightel said Stamitoles told the court he had to leave the State of Florida because of an emergency with his son, but she said he actually went to Mobile to buy a luxury car.

“I’m having a hard time figuring out if you were not able to comply while you had a monitor on, you’ve given me no implication that you’re going to comply with the terms of probation that I could give you,” Lightel said. “I don’t believe probation is going to be appropriate in your case.”

Lightel sentenced Stamitoles to serve 60 days in jail for each of the four battery charges. Stamitoles still has another felony charge for allegedly touching a patient over 65. He will be back in court for this charge in March.