PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — One of the largest beachfront hotel owners on the Gulf Coast helped out a Pensacola nonprofit soup kitchen in a big way on Wednesday.

Pastor Sylvia Tisdale, director of the soup kitchen Epps Christian Center, was presented with a check Wednesday afternoon for $10,000 from Innisfree Hotels. That money will go to help pay off the soup kitchen’s mortgage at 2202 N. Pace Blvd.

“When this mortgage is paid off, it frees us up to purchase food to give out to our community,” Tisdale said. “Right now.”

The soup kitchen and homeless resource center serves more than 400 families a week.

“We do over 60,000 pounds of food a month right from our small building they say, and (the donation) is just going to free our minds to reach out and see what more we can do for those that are less fortunate,” Tisdale said.

Those at Innisfree say they’re happy to help.

“When we found out what (Tisdale) was doing with this organization and her program, we couldn’t help but find some donation money and volunteerism and join it,” said Ted Ent, president and CEO of Innisfree Hotels.

Tisdale says she hopes to celebrate the end of the year by saying goodbye to her mortgage.

“The check for $10,000 is overwhelming,” she said. “I know before this year’s over, we’re going to call you guys and say you’re invited to a mortgage burning.”