ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — A Pensacola woman is behind bars for abuse and neglect of a disabled person after Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies found a woman with bruises on her face and animal and human feces all over the living room.

Randa Jean Maddax, 50, the victim’s caretaker, according to the arrest report, was charged with abuse and neglect of a disabled person.

On Aug. 24, deputies arrived at the house and observed several empty beer cans on the floor and what appeared to be a broken lamp next to the victim. According to the arrest report, the victim repeatedly told the deputies what sounded like “Go away.”

The deputies said when they observed the victim, she looked extremely emaciated and had severe bruising on her face. The deputies said she was also covered in urine and feces due to her inability to walk on her own and use the toilet. According to the arrest report, the main floor had several cases of empty beer cans, which had cockroaches crawling on them and there was black mold on the ceiling above where the victim was sitting. The couch the victim was sitting on was covered in both animal and human feces and mold.

In the kitchen area, deputies said an old mattress was covered in feces and had bugs crawling on it. The refrigerator also had bugs in it and had both rotted food and extremely expired food. Deputies said there was a dog living in the residence that used both the mattress and kitchen floor as its bathroom. Cockroaches covered all of the walls within the residence, as well, according to the arrest report.

Deputies then said they called out to see if anyone else was in the house, which is when Maddax walked down the stairs and told them that she was the caregiver. Deputies said the only “clean” room in the house was Maddax’s room upstairs.  

According to the arrest report, the reporting party said that the last time he was at the residence was six months ago and that the conditions were not as bad as it was when deputies arrived on Aug. 24. During the last two weeks, the reporting party said the victim had reached out to him more and has been persistent about him coming to the residence.

The reporting party also said that the victim currently suffers from Huntington’s Disease and cannot walk on her own. According to the arrest report, Maddax works four to five days a week and leaves the victim home alone with no health nurse and no one to care for her.

Once at Sacred Heart Hospital, paramedics said the victim was covered in bed bugs, feces and had several burn marks on her body. Paramedics said there were indications that the victim had her orbital bone broken several times and no medical treatment was received due to severe disfigurement.

Maddax was booked into the Escambia County Jail on a $50,000 bond.