PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — According to Pensacola police, a “dancer” at Lookers in Pensacola, allegedly burglarized three storage units back in July, stealing a variety of items totaling $8,805, including several vintage dresses and solid gold R2-D2 memorabilia.

On July 11, Pensacola police officers were dispatched to 195 East Fairfield Drive, Life Storage, in reference to a burglary. George Klages, an employee with Life Storage said in the arrest report that he noticed three storage unit lockers appeared broken into. Lockers 1252, 1332 and 1338, all appeared to have their locks cut off and removed from the area with the exception of locker 1252. Klages said that all three locks were intact the day prior when they were checked.

On July 15, a PPD officer installed two cellular motion-activated cameras at the entrance of Life Storage in an attempt to capture images of the suspects returning to commit future burglaries. Life Storage is not accessible to the public and to enter, you must rent a storage unit. The facility has an eight-foot fence surrounding the storage units and to enter through the gate, a personalized code must be entered.

On July 18, the officer received a notification that pictures were taken on the camera, and he observed two subjects later identified as Jammie Kohls, 38, and Justin Truitt, 41, entering a hole in the fence. The pair were riding bicycles that had small trailers attached to them. Another Pensacola police officer said in the report that the man, Truitt, had a pair of bolt cutters with him. Truitt had an active warrant with the ECSO and was detained for the warrant.

The following items were reported stolen from the storage lockers:

  • Unopened bottle of Coca Cola from 1942 ($500)
  • Gold plated Coca Cola watch from 1972 ($600)
  • Gold plated silverware and dinner serving set ($500)
  • Onkyo Stereo ($300) with speakers ($250)
  • Solid gold R2-D2 memoribilia ($750)
  • GI-Joe action figure from 1970s ($350)
  • 65” Vizio 4K TV ($500)
  • Coca Cola lunch box with shot glasses ($50)
  • Several 18-volt Ryobi cordless drills and saws ($1,000)
  • Vintage fur coats ($250)
  • Three vintage 1950s dresses ($85)
  • Approximately 150 pound safe ($700) with miscellaneous jewelry ($300) and iPad ($500)
  • Two boxes of gold inlaid chain plates and bowls with red and blue dragon design ($1,500)

Kohls was arrested on Tuesday, at 3:20 p.m., and is being held on a $47,000 bond. She was charged with trespassing, two counts of burglary, two counts of larceny and damaging property.

Truitt was arrested back in July, for two counts of damaging property, two counts of burglary two counts of larceny, two counts of possession of burglary tools and trespassing. He is being held on a $58,500 bond.