PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — City leaders are trying to solve a long-time problem at the Graffiti Bridge on 17th Avenue.

For years, large trucks have tried to go under the railroad trestle but they end up getting stuck and causing a traffic nightmare. It keeps happening despite the low clearance signs and flashing lights.

Mayor D.C. Reeves announced earlier in February another plan to stop it.

“The first step we’re going to take is we’re going to formalize that being a ‘no trucks corridor,'” Reeves said. “That also allows there to be citations written.”

So far, it hasn’t made much of a difference so this week. The mayor said the city is planning to put up some sort of physical structure that will give trucks a softer blow before they get to the bridge.

“Although I do appreciate the comedy on social media about us putting signs up and trucks still hitting the Graffiti Bridge, as we had said at the time, that’s really phase one of our plan that we we’re going to try to have something more tangible, more physical to help alleviate that concern,” Reeves said.

Reeves isn’t giving details just yet about what that will be but he said to expect an announcement in the next two weeks.