PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The city council will vote Thursday night on a 15-year lease agreement with a tenant to bring an indoor sports complex to the Port of Pensacola.

Warehouse #4 is likely to turn into “Warehouse 4 Sports.” It will have indoor courts for pickleball, basketball, and other sports. It could also be used for community events and conferences.

“We have a stop gap to ensure that our co-investment in this project with them is that we’re seeing exponential return in terms of economic development,” Mayor D.C. Reeves said.

The tenant is expected to invest a minimum of $2 million to renovate the warehouse. Right now, it’s being used for temporary storage.

“Over the past three years, on and off, we have had short term operating agreements…not long term leases,” Port Director Clark Merritt said.

The council is still debating the details of the lease agreement.

“There really weren’t any dates or there’s really little accountability to complete the entire project at least as it relates to what the agreement is in the lease,” Councilwoman Allison Patton said.

It would be used not just for tournaments but public day-use as well and there will be 200 parking spots available next to the city’s ferry landing.

The city council will hear a presentation about the plans Thursday night before they vote on the lease agreement.