PENSACOLA, Fla. (WRKG) — City Council will held two special meetings on Tuesday, Nov. 22 to recognize outgoing City Council members and Mayor Grover C. Robinson, along with swearing in new City Council members and mayor elect D.C. Reeves.

“Today’s the greatest honor of my life,” said Reeves. “I’m humbled by the love I’ve felt from the people of my hometown. It’s a dream to have this chance to serve.”

Mayor Grover Robinson also reflected on his time as mayor at today’s meeting.

“I want to thank the City of Pensacola and all of our citizens,” said Robinson. “I draw inspiration and energy from you all ever day and its been a pleasure to serve in this capacity.” 

After D.C. Reeves’ early win in the primaries, he was able to spend the last 13 weeks working with Mayor Robinson and his transition team, before taking office.

“I’m very very appreciative of all of our staff here in the city of Pensacola that really helped me maximize all of these 13 weeks and make me as prepared as I possibly could be taking over today,” said Reeves.

All eyes will look to Reeves to solve the current housing crisis in Pensacola.

“We’ve got to get a lot of irons in the fire,” said Reeves. “We’ve got to look at our development code, we’ve got to look at how we do business with people who build market rate in the city, and then we’ve got to get really intentional about finding those homes and finding those public- private partnerships that allow us to provide for those that don’t make the average living wage here.” 

Reeves’ administration will also work to expand on the cities current growth, vibrancy and continue to attract more people to the city.

“I really think its our charge to take it to the next level, and open that funnel of opportunity for those higher waging jobs,” said Reeves. “How do we get those businesses to invest and call Pensacola their home.”