ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — Two men already in jail for murder have been charged with the killing of one of the suspect’s brothers after one of their phones was collected as evidence, revealing what the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office described as “chilling texts,” according to a Facebook post.

Nicholas Wells, 20, and Ellis Clark, Jr., 23, were already in jail, charged with the Nov. 7, 2021 murder of Marcus Atienza on Rawls Avenue in Pensacola, Fla. The ECSO said Clark was the owner of an SUV that was caught on security camera leaving the scene of where Andrew Howard IV, 24, would later be found dead in December 2020. Clark had just reported the vehicle stolen when deputies found the vehicle completely burned near the intersection of Ashland Avenue and Detroit Boulevard.

Surveillance video showed that Clark set his own vehicle on fire and lied to deputies about the incident, according to the ECSO. Clark was arrested and charged with arson and making a false report to law enforcement. Clark’s phone was taken and police were able to discover a text conversation between Wells and Clark just before the murder. The following texts were provided by the ECSO. Texts that have been paraphrased will be in italics.

Wells: hurry up and meet me I’m with him ion got my tool

Wells: hurry up one time hit

Clark: ight

Wells: sends address 8900 block of N. 9th Ave.

Clark: ight

Clark: tells Wells he has to get gas and it will be 15 minutes

Wells: can’t be 15 that’s too long

Wells: meet me at his house

Clark: otw now, leaving Lincoln park

Wells: you have to follow him the black Honda

Wells: hurry up man this **** like got to happen

Clark: keeps updating Wells of his location as he is driving towards Wells’ house

Wells: he fina drop me off at my house

Clark: delay and Wells says he can’t and continues to tell him to hurry

Wells: pull up to them Northwood apt. that I gave u the address

Clark: ight

Wells: that’s where he gone pull up to get out and go cause he try to act hard but he green he gone give, its a black Honda, it got like a dent on the side by u need to hurry up tho I’m almost done.

Clark: by myself

Wells: yea

Wells: wya

Clark: Creighton

Wells: you see em pullin

Wells: he dropping me off ima call u have me otp

Clark: he’s at 9th

Wells: that squirrel dead

Clark: ****

The two men were served with arrest warrants while sitting in jail waiting for trial on the Marcus Atienza murder case.