PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) —  When students at C.A. Weis Elementary return to school Monday they’ll have access to a new space.

A brand new “care closet” will provide free food, clothing and hygiene products for those who may be in need. 

“Some of our students they lack some confidence when it comes to their physical appearance and they might be lacking part of their uniforms or personal hygiene products that are necessary for growing boys and girls,” said the school’s assistant principal, Trudy Comerford.

The Care Closet was created by Closets by Design in partnership with Leadership Pensacola. 

“It’s a very touching situation but there was definitely a need and a beautiful space,” said the owner of Closets by Design Emerald Coast, Samantha Floyd. “You can see we had this great closet area. The kids need a place to put their pants their shoes their hygiene products. We were actually able to incorporate a vanity which is kind of a cute touch. It was wonderful to be here.”

C.A. Weis Elementary is a community school that brings together the Escambia County School District, Community Health Northwest Florida, Children’s Home Society and the University of West Florida to meet the needs that may be greater than the average school. 

“We have students who are growing and they have needs that it’s hard right now for some of our families to meet,” said Comerford.

The space started out as a food pantry but turned into a hub for kids to have access to anything they could need to succeed in and out of the classroom. 

“The kids have a place that’s private. That they’re able to come to without any fear of being noticed by other kids or having to go change in the bathroom or anything of that nature,” said Craig Hindsman of Leadership Pensacola. “This is going to be a private space where they can keep that dignity even when there’s an issue.”