PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Police are investigating after someone threw a brick covered in swastikas through a window of the Pensacola Chabad Jewish Center on 12th Avenue.

The brick was spray painted with swastikas, the words “No Jews,” and the letters “WLM.” The brick came flying through the kitchen window around 8:30 Monday night.

The center is working to strengthen security measures and officers are keeping a close eye on the center. Police have not made an arrest yet but are working to find out who is responsible.

“The Chabad Jewish Center is a place of kindness and unity and is aimed at increasing light and positivity throughout Pensacola,” Rabbi Mendel said. “This troubling incident only underscores once more that while the work of spreading light and kindness is making strides, still much more needs to be done so that darkness is banished entirely.”

Non-Jewish people joined with Jewish people at the center Friday night for a special Shabbos of Light followed by a Shabbat service and unity Shabbat dinner.

“Today, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and positivity as I witness the incredible love and kindness pouring into our community in the aftermath of the hate crime at the Chabad Jewish Center,” Rabbi Mendel said.

In response to the crime, the center is starting a new initiative called “The Ark Giving Project.”

“The idea is that each one of us can change the world for the better through a daily act of kindness by putting a coin in a charity box daily,” Rabbi Mendel said. “When the box is full you can then go and give it to someone in need.”

To learn more about the project and order an ARK charity box, you can go to Chabad Jewish Center’s website.