PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Baptist Hospital will be moving to its new campus this Saturday, Sept. 23.

More than a dozen ambulances will start moving patients at 5 a.m. The plan is to have everyone moved within 12 hours. Sheriff’s deputies will be set up at intersections between the old hospital on E Street and the new one on Brent Lane.

Public Safety Director Eric Gilmore talked Thursday at the county commission meeting about the roads you might want to avoid this Saturday.

“The route will come down E Street,” Gilmore said. “Down…[Hwy] 29 back to Brent [Lane], drop off there, then they’ll hit the interstate, go down and return. So they’re not taking the same route back and forth. That way we’re not crossing ambulances up. Just gonna be a big loop is what we’re gonna be doing all day long.”

The new hospital will open officially at 3 a.m. Saturday.