PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Dozens of people spoke out Tuesday at the Escambia Children’s Trust meeting disagreeing with their process as the board looks to award millions of dollars to non-profit organizations for after school programs.

The Escambia Children’s Trust had 37 organizations apply for its “out-of-school” grant programs but they only accepted 18 applications. The board was set to award them at total of more than $4 million this week but community members showed up saying the process is unfair.

“I hope that this is not another just ‘if you know somebody, you get it,” said Celestine Lewis. “Who you know. That’s what you all say and I’m tired of it!”

Most of the people attending the meeting were supporters of James B. Washington Education and Sports, Inc.

“If you’re with Washington’s program, stand up for me please,” said one woman. “This is just not community, this is family.”

The non-profit provides sports and tutoring services to children and helps them with life skills.

“We need this program desperately,” said another speaker.

In order to be accepted to receive the grant, you have to score at least a 70 from the selection committee. Washington’s program was short by less than half a point and received a 69.67.

“Now I taught 25 years, okay, 69.67, anybody in education, you round that up to a 70,” said Benny Washington.

The board agreed most of the applications should be looked at again.

“I appreciate all of you who came out and we hear you,” said Chairwoman Stephanie White. “We are with you and we’re gonna get this right.”

They voted to send their top 29 applications back to the grants committee to be reconsidered and for clarity purposes, allow them to interview the applicants to get any questions answered.