CENTURY, Fla. (WKRG) — The six men accused of beating a man outside an Escambia County bar last month were “criminal” motorcycle gang members, according to an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. 

The ECSO said John “Percy” Johnson, Bradley Griener, Brody Trainer, Robert Dean, Preston Perry and Steven Arnold were all involved in a May 7 brawl outside a bar at the 9500 block of North Century Boulevard. 

The report said the victim told deputies the men are part of the Outlaws biker gang, which has a history of violence in the area, including involvement in a fight at a bar in Milton in June 2021. Investigators said the mens’ vests and patches match what Outlaws would normally wear. 

“At least five documented criminal Outlaw motorcycle gang members attacked a single victim, causing serious physical injury to include a broken arm and broken nasal cavities,” according to the report. 

At one point, one of the men put a gun to the victim’s head and told him if he talked to police, he’d be killed, according to the report.  

“(The victim) stated that the individuals punched, kicked, and stomped on him, and that one of the individuals pressed a firearm into his eyeball and stated they would kill him if he talked to the police and that not to mess with their biker family,” the report says. 

All of the men were charged with aggravated battery, among other charges. The report says some witnesses were hesitant to make statement to deputies out of fear the biker gang would retaliate.

However, the arrest report suggests an argument between a member and the victim led to the beating.