ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men in connection to a drive-by shooting that happened on Y Street on Thursday.

Zykeir Tomarcus Knight, 19, and Leslie Howard Huff, 21, were both arrested and charges are pending, according to the sheriff’s office.

Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons told WKRG News 5 there was a reported drive-by shooting on Y Street on Thursday. He said no one was injured in the shooting.

The description of the vehicle in the shooting was a white Cadillac, according to Simmons. Since he said there has been a number of drive-by shootings in the area recently, more deputies were on patrol. He said on of the deputies spotted a white Cadillac matching the description, so deputies attempted to stop the car.

“The vehicle did not stop,” Simmons said. “We were finally able to get the vehicle stopped after bumping them a couple of times to help them stop.”

Simmons said the driver of the car ran away, but was apprehended two blocks over. The passenger of the car remained in the car and wouldn’t get out, he said. Deputies had to bust out the windows of the car to get the suspect out, according to Simmons.

Inside the vehicle, Simmons said they found a 9mm assault type rifle with a high capacity drum magazine attached.

Since Sunday, there have been five instances of shootings in Escambia County. Simmons said they are still working through them to find out if they are connected.

“We have information on who may be involved in these shootings and, obviously, these two will be charged with the one that we had today,” Simmons said. “We are still trying to determine if they are responsible with any of the other shootings.”

Simmons said they’ve seen shootings lead to other shootings, a cycle that he believes is driving the recent spike in gun violence.

“It hasn’t just happened this year. It has happened almost every single year, in almost every single city,” Simmons said. “We have been working really hard in conjunction with the Pensacola Police Department, we’ve had extra deputies on the street and that is why we have been able to jump these criminals here and try to get this to stop happening.”