PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Federal Aviation Administration grounded all flights after a computer outage Wednesday morning. The outages caused a headache for many travelers and left some stranded at Pensacola International Airport.

“We started getting texts that our flights were canceled,” said Todd Gangelhoff. “We tried to reschedule and then we finally came here, and we’re hoping to get home today.”

He and his family were hoping to find an alternative flight home to Denver, after their stay in Destin.

The ground stop was lifted around 9 am, but is expected to impact travelers throughout the day. According to Pensacola International Airport Assistant Director, Erica Grancagnolo, 10 flights were delayed and 11 have been canceled.

“We were impacted most this morning, in terms of our departures,” said Grancagnolo. “However, the ripple affect is related to both arrivals and departures at this point.”

The outage impacted the FAA’s Notice to Air Admission System that provides safety information to flight crews.

This was the first nationwide ground stop since 9/11, but the cause of the outage is still unknown.

Some airlines are offering flexibility for travelers trying to rebook.

“You’ll need to contact your airline directly, of course this was a nationwide issue, so they’re working as fast as the can to reschedule passengers or rebook flights,” said Grancagnolo.

She said travelers should download their airlines app for updated flight statuses.

The outage comes after thousands of holiday flight cancelations left travelers frustrated, and many without bags. However, not everyone was affected today. Some travelers News 5 spoke to were able to depart on time, and others were only delayed a few minutes.

Travelers today are hopeful they will make it to their destinations.

“We didn’t have a place to stay or a car,” said Gangelhoff. “We could definitely work around it but we’d rather go home.”