Drivers adjust to parking payment changes in downtown Pensacola

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — There is a new way to pay for parking in downtown Pensacola and the change is causing some confusion for people since it went into effect February 1st. 

One option is to download the Passport Parking app on your phone or you can use the machines to pay but either way, you will need to type in your license plate number. 

The Premium Parking app will no longer work on the streets downtown. The red signs along the streets have been changed to teal signs. 

Downtown Improvement Board Executive Director Lissa Dees said you no longer have to print out a receipt and walk back to your car to put it on your dashboard.

“All you have to do is put in your tag number, put in your payment method and walk away,” Dees said. “Go enjoy downtown Pensacola.”

David Makkers was out enjoying downtown Friday afternoon using the machine for the second time. 

“This is much better than having to carry coins or coming back out to feed the meter,” Makkers said.

Makkers said he keeps a picture of his license plate on his phone so he doesn’t have to go back and look.

“What kind of caught me by surprise is the fact you had to go take a picture of your license plate,” he said. “I thought you could just put your card in, put in the space number, then you get a ticket and take it back to the car.”

There is still an extra fee you will have to pay to use the Passport app but that cost is lower than it was with Premium. 

“You had a 32 cent transaction fee and that transaction fee happened every time you extended your session,” Dees said. “With Passport, it’s a one-time transaction fee of 18 cents.”

There are still a few red Premium Parking signs downtown but those are private lots and the rates could be different but they are no longer associated with the Downtown Improvement Board. 


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