Pensacola Police still investigating disturbance that caused a football game to end

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UPDATE (8/26) — The Escambia County Schools Superintendent says from now on the district will separate the visitor’s side from the home side at Washington High School football games. Some parents say there should be some extra security measures taken. Shana Eckford was at the game with her children.

“They may have to start checking and seeing if anyone has any weapons,” Eckford said. “Which is sad because you will have to come into a football game and worry about getting searched.”

One student who is a junior at Washington described being scared after hearing there was a gun.

“When I saw everyone running, I ran with them, ” She said. “I was mainly scared because they told us we had to stay put and not go to the parking lot so it was like we could not leave.”

Police say they are still investigating to figure out what exactly happened.

The on call field referee says the decision was to the game at 0-0. The game will not count for or against either team. The referee says the Pine Forest team was directed to leave the field by their coach.

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The high school football game at Booker T. Washington against Pine Forest High School ended in the 3rd quarter due to a disturbance.

The Pensacola Police Department says officers were alerted to a possible fight and approached a large group of teenagers behind the home field stadium. During that time, someone mentioned there was a gun, causing a large rush of people to flee the area.

News 5 crews there to cover the game say kids could be heard screaming from the stands “there’s a gun, there’s a gun” as crowds quickly left the stadium.

Pensacola Police and the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office are working to get everyone out of the stadium quickly. Police say they did a sweep of the stadium and did not find a weapon.

Football officials disqualified the Pine Forest team for their players leaving their sideline and granted a 1-0 win for Washington.

At this time, police say it is undetermined if the two events are related, but did happen simultaneously.

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