Pensacola, Fla (WKRG)- A ceremony was held at Marcus Point Baptist Church in Pensacola to honor the six Escambia County deputies and two NAS police officers who took down the gunman in the mass shooting last month. Charles Hogue is an NAS Pensacola watch commander that responded to the shooting and was shot in the leg. He received the Valor Award and Purple Heart on Friday.

“I’m a modest person,” Hogue said. “Awards are something I don’t look for. I just do my job, what I was trained to do, if I could ever do it again I would.”

During the ceremony, Sheriff David Morgan spoke about the heroism of the first responders and says there could have been more deaths if it was not for their quick action.

“To our fellow law enforcement officers and first responders and fire department and ems, to say thank you is a small word because all of this could not have been done without the collective effort of everyone who responded,” Morgan said.

Hogue says he’s recovering from his injury and wants to than God for his strength.

“I’m feeling really good and feeling very hopeful,” Hogue said. “I’m regaining my strength and walking better than before.”