Unedited press release from the City of Crestview

CRESTVIEW — Responding to the financial strain the COVID-19 outbreak has had on residents furloughed from their jobs, the Crestview City Council took several actions Monday night to alleviate such additional burdens.

These include suspending water and sewer utility late fees for 60 days.

“This will provide relief for individuals who are experiencing difficult times resulting from the COVID-19 business limitations and closures,” City Manager Tim Bolduc said when presenting the proposals. “The expected result of these lay-offs and furloughs is an increase in these fees which are not a part of the city’s expected revenues as reflected in the budget.”

Mr. Bolduc also requested the council extend the authority to him to make changes to the water cut-off policy “at such time as deemed necessary.” Currently, a customer’s water service can be cutoff when the customer falls two months behind.

The council unanimously approved both requests.

In other actions, at the city manager’s request, the council agreed to suspend all appointments to the Local Planning Agency and appoint the City Council to serve as the LPA board for a minimum of three months.

“This action will allow the City Council to conduct essential business for the board at a regular scheduled City Council meeting as needed, thereby limiting the exposure of volunteers and reducing meeting nights during this time,” Mr. Bolduc said.

The council also approved the city manager’s request to allow him to adjust city employees’ schedules, hours of operation and employee duties to maintain social distancing and continuation of resident services and city operations.