PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Facebook page for Pensacola Police has been known for a wry sense of humor and that streak continued on New Year’s Eve. In order to discourage drunk driving, they made a post introducing a new product called “Two Beers” cologne.

The post says Two Beers “is inspired by a career of traffic stops and thinly veiled truths. “Two Beers” will almost cover up the odor of any amount of alcohol you have consumed.” It continues “Just a spritz of “Two Beers” will give the responding officer the impression you almost drank responsibly, you know, like an actual adult. He will be none the wiser.”

It closes with a warning “Two Beers” will not help you complete any Field Sobriety exercises and won’t work on actual cops or Marine Corps Drill Instructors.” Side effects include “a suspended drivers’ license. And you’ll still go to jail.”

The post has been shared hundreds of times with hundreds of comments.

You can see the post here: