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Bayview Senior Center recognized as one of the best facilities in Florida

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The City of Pensacola’s Bayview Senior center has been selected and featured in the 2020 Florida Recreation and Parks Association Journal. 

They only selected about 20 facilities in the state and the center is where many seniors in Pensacola call home.

Pensacola Resident Carol Harrod says, “We enjoy our seniors we enjoy them we love them and we miss them.”

Marci Keckhaver adds, “It’s nice and bright and cheery, before it was so dark and depressing and it’s really changed a lot.” 

Harrod and Keckhaver have been coming to the senior center for years now and say the renovations have been awesome to experience and is one of the reasons the facility scored the honor.  

They tell WKRG it means the world to them to receive the award.

Molly Mahtani who is the Recreation Supervisor at Bayview says, “It really means a lot we have worked really hard. We are in a beautiful spot. We work in the best department in the best city and to bring it home to Bayview it’s awesome. “

Keckhaver jokingly adds, “Yep yep we deserve it hahaha.”

However its not just the renovations that makes this place so special.  

“You know it’s a home away from home for them. They enjoy coming up here all their friends are here. Some of the seniors that come here don’t have family and we are their family,” says Mahtani.

The center has had to cancel many programs due to COVID this year but they have still managed to keep their seniors in good spirits with fun outside activities, virtual Facebook programs, and even Tik Toks. 

The seniors say this facility has been essential to them during this pandemic. 

Keckhaver says, “Its the support they gave me when my son passed away from the staff here and the people.”

Harrod adds, “I lost my sister November 30th of this year and they have really helped me go through it.”

They will also have a grand opening later on this month for a new facility. To check out more of what they are doing, click here.