Louisiana Dog found with his leg’s sawed off learning how to walk again

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This dog may look small, but he has the bravery and strength of a dog three times his size.

Known as Buddy, the Dachshund has had a rough life.  According to his new Veterinarian, Buddy’s back legs were sawed off by his former owners. 

“I’ve never seen something where I was suspicious of a human being malicious and deliberately cutting off a dog’s leg,” Dr. Capone said.    

When rescuers found him, they immediately brought him to vet. Dr. Capone says by the time he saw him, Buddy was barely alive. He spent hours trying to save his life, performing multiple procedures.

“We gave him a blood transfusion immediately. [We} started him on antibiotics [and] started him on pain medicine,” he said. 

Working with animals for 40 years, Dr. Capone says he’s never seen something so cruel.

“He will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He’ll still be in the hospital for maybe two or three weeks,” he said.

Buddy’s story caught the attention of thousands including a Baton Rouge pet foundation.

“The Roleaux Foundation donated about 40lbs of dry dog food, two dog beds and we have a check for a thousand dollars for [the shelter that found Buddy] to use as they see fit,” David Mohr, founder of the Roleaux Foundation, said.

Buddy continues to push through. Dr. Capone says Buddy makes it clear that he wants to fight for his life.

“He’s continued to gain more strength. His spirit is even greater [and] he’s happy,” Dr. Capone said.  

Although Buddy has gone through the unthinkable, one thing for sure, after hearing the Dachshund’s touching story he now has people he hasn’t even met looking out for him.  

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