Dog, originally lost in Cali, found in La.; local woman on a mission to return him home

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LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY)- It was in the Milton Ridge Estates neighborhood where little Mylo was found after managing to escape from his owner’s yard. There’s nothing unusual about that, right? Dogs do it all the time. The thing here is, his owner’s yard is all the way in California.

Ashlyn Broussard is a dog walker and was at the neighborhood for work when she found Mylo. “I stumbled upon this dog just kind of running in different people’s driveways,” she said.
She says she asked around to see if he belonged to anyone there and when no one claimed him.

“I called my vet and I said, hey, I’m on the way just want to bring in a little stray to see if he’s chipped. He was chipped. They gave me the chip number and I personally had to call the chip company,” Broussard said.
The company put her in touch with the owner, who to her surprise, was all the way across the country.

“She said ‘So where are you?’ I said ‘I’m in Lafayette Louisiana.’ She said ‘Is that where my dog is?’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am that’s where he is’. She said ‘He went missing five months ago, I have no idea how he got there!'” explained Broussard.

News 10 called Mylo’s owner, Brenda Garcia, who says she was just as shocked to learn someone found her dog. “I wasn’t expecting [the call]. Maybe the first month or so, you still have hope, but after so long, five months, you let go.”
The biggest surprise, she says, that he was found so far away, “I was shocked. When they said Lafayette Louisiana, I said ‘How? I’m in California, like there’s no way. How?’ He traveled 1,500 miles.”
Garcia assumes someone must have picked Mylo up after he escaped from her yard and brought him all the way to Louisiana.

Now that Broussard found him, she’s hoping the community will help Mylo reunite with his mom. As neither she nor Garcia have the funds for that kind of trip.

“I have a dog walking company, but it’s just little old me. I only operate with one person,” said Broussard. “If I had the funds, I would ship him back home, but I don’t so maybe we can all come together.”

If you want to reach out to Broussard, you can contact her on Facebook or Instagram through her dog walking business.

Broussard also wants to encourage others who have found stray dogs to take them to the vet to be checked for a microchip.

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