MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s the final weekend before Alabamians head to the polls for Tuesday’s primary election. U.S. Senate hopefuls Katie Britt, Mike Durant and Mo Brooks have been traveling the state meeting with voters in this home stretch.

Britt says her mission is to continue meeting with voters before May 24. She says she’ll bring fresh blood to Washington and shake things up in the Senate.

“We have been the grassroots candidate across this election. Nobody is working harder to earn your vote and nobody will work harder as your next U.S. Senator,” Britt said.

Mike Durant says he’d bring an outside perspective to D.C. as a combat veteran and businessowner. He said at a candidate event recently that his plan is to keep getting out and meeting with voters.

“Going to events like this and making sure we get a chance to say hello and understand what’s important to people, keep transmitting the same message. We’re not changing from day to day, I am who I am, that’s resonating with people,” Durant said.

Mo Brooks emphasizes his experience as an asset. He’s been elected to Congress six times, and before that the Madison County Commission and state legislature.

In talking with voters at campaign stops, he says he has what voters want.

“What the people want more than anything else is a U.S. Senator from Alabama who will actually fight the socialist democrats and help us prevail in order to protect our country,” Brooks said.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says in these final few days, he expects candidates to switch to more positive messaging, to campaign in their hometowns and really utilize their ground games to get out the vote.

“Who shows up is what’s important. So you’ve got to have a ground game. That may be to the deterrence of Mike Durant who really has no ground game. He has just a TV campaign, so he has no real grassroots organization, whereas Mo Brooks has a grassroots organization and so does Katie Britt,” Flowers said.

If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, as our latest CBS42, Emerson College Polling and The Hill poll suggests, a runoff election is set for June 21.