A woman behind the ‘Flomo Klown’ incident in September 2016 that led to several schools being placed on lockdown has been sentenced to five years of probation.

Makayla Smith, 23, of Flomaton entered a guilty plea after being charged with making a terrorist threat.  As part of her sentence, the judge banned her from using social media.

Flomaton High School, the middle school and elementary school were all placed on lock down and Escambia County High School was placed on partial lock down after students began receiving clown-themed threats of violence on September 15, 2016.

Parents contacted the Flomaton Police Department saying their children had been messaged online by a Facebook user named “Flomo Klown,” who allegedly made a threat against the student’s school using gun emoji.

“I think it was stupid,” said senior Ashley Walther. “I think it was all a prank they just took it too far,” added senior Alyssa Oglesbee.

The “Flomo Klowns” had a Facebook page where they said, “I kill people for a living.”  There was more threatening language on their Facebook page, including several gun emojis and one post from Thursday stating, “it’s going down tonight.”

After interviewing dozens of people, Smith and three juveniles were taken into custody.  Smith was charged with making a terrorist threat. 

State, local and federal authorities tracked down the suspects through the same Facebook page used to scare and threaten.