Who ate the pie? Palm Harbor firefighters return from job to find pie gone

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It seems Palm Harbor Fire Rescue has a mystery on its hands: Who ate the pie?

Earlier this week, Palm Harbor firefighters were called out to a fire. While they were gone, someone ate an entire apple pie.

The firefighters returned to find a note from a Dunedin crew that moved up to their station. The note said Ruby, Palm Harbor’s fire dog, was to blame for eating the pie.

“Ruby got into a pie dish, there was shattered glass everywhere, no pie left,” the note read. “Her paw looked fine, cleaned up everything we could see and played with Ruby.”

They ended the note saying, “Also we did not eat the pie.”

But some Facebook users weren’t convinced. When Palm Harbor Fire Rescue posted about the pie fiasco on Facebook, several people joked that Ruby was innocent and must have been framed by the Dunedin firefighters.

Shortly after the original post, Palm Harbor Fire Rescue put a poll up on its Facebook page asking people to weigh in about who ate the pie.

“Did sweet Ruby really eat Station 65’s apple pie or was it all a coverup by the other firefighters?” they asked.

As of Wednesday morning, 79 percent believe it was the Dunedin firefighters who ate the pie. Only 21 percent believe Ruby did it.

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue says Ruby even has a group of “paw-ttorneys” defending her in this case. A photo posted to their Facebook page shows Ruby with her trial team from Florin Roebig. 

The attorneys also posted on their business Facebook page saying, “We believe in our client’s innocence and we have no doubt that when this case goes to a jury they are going to find her to be a good girl.”

As the great pie mystery continues to unravel, the story is gaining attention from across the nation. On Wednesday morning, someone from Ohio sent a pie to the fire station courtesy of Sweet Caroline’s Bakery.

The note attached to the pie said, “Love from Ohio. Make sure Ruby gets a piece!”

Palm Harbor firefighters say they plan to reveal some new “evidence” later this week that may solve the mystery.

They also wanted to thank the Dunedin firefighters for cleaning up the glass and mess that was left behind.

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