MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) — One day after the Jaguar Training Center that was under construction collapsed, officials are looking forward. Athletic Director Dr. Joel Erdmann says investigators will look into what caused the crash and after evaluation, officials will decide what to do next. Options to consider could include re-trying the original structure plan or coming up with a new design.

“What we’ll do is let some time pass and let the experts look at the situation. If there’s a need to adjust, then we’ll do that,” says Dr. Erdmann.

USA officials do plan on rebuilding the 96,000 square foot indoor training facility. Once completed, it will house a fully-covered regulation football field in addition to a 15-yard practice area for supplemental drills. USA officials say the facility will be primarily utilized by the Jaguar football team, but other teams will have access to it as well.

“When it is completed, it’s something we’ll be very proud of and something that will make us better,” says Dr. Erdmann.

Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc. of Mobile is the project architect. Other members of the project team include Krebs Engineering, civil engineer; Barter & Associates, Inc., structural engineer; and Edmonds Engineering, Inc., mechanical engineer. WKRG has reached out to these firms for comment, but is still waiting for responses.