The doctors we checked in with this week for “What’s Going Around” are *still* not seeing much flu in our area.

Dr. Darren Waters at Greater Urgent Care in Mobile says he’s seen several cases of influenza-like-illnesses. He says these cases are testing negative but appear similar to influenza. He’s also been treating several cases of acute sinusitis and a few cases of strep throat.

This week, Dr. John Wilson with Premier Medical has been seeing the typical winter cold symptoms with our weather changes lately. Those symptoms include a sore throat, cough, headache, runny nose, and a low-grade fever. He has also seen a lot of patients with sinus/nasal congestion along with drainage. He has seen very little flu so far.

Physicians at Grove Hill Memorial Hospital have been seeing a number of new strep throat cases. They are also seeing a lot of cough, cold and congestion/upper respiratory infections. No flu so far but they’re treating lots of people with fever and cold symptoms… and a few gastrointestinal virus cases.