West Mobile nightclub going 21 and up after teen kidnapped from parking lot

UPDATE: Police arrest man in Florida for kidnapping of Mobile teen

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A West Mobile nightclub has announced it will be transitioning to only allowing patrons 21 and older, days after an 18-year-old was kidnapped from its parking lot.

Troubadours posted a statement on Facebook, in part saying the decision to change the age requirements came from speaking with local sororities, the USA Solidarity Coalition and Mobile police.

“I hate it for our under 21 customers who were doing things the right way, but the consensus from most of the folks on campus we spoke with is that this is what they wanted. As well as obviously some of our older customers,” the owner of Troubadours wrote on Facebook Monday.

Early in the morning on Friday, Sept. 17, an 18-year-old was kidnapped from Troubadours on Tanner Road. The teenager was later located at the University of South Alabama and taken to a hospital to be evaluated. Later Friday night, 34-year-old Morris Linson Jr. was arrested in Escambia County, Fla., and charged with second-degree kidnapping.

Earlier Monday, Troubadours released a full statement about the incident. Read the statement below:

We would like to make a statement on the incident that happened in the parking lot Thursday night outside of Troubadours. This is a terrible situation for everyone involved, especially the female. But it has also been a hard time for our staff, owner and our business as we have been blasted on social media.
Therefore we as a staff have struggled with the appropriate response because we did not want to give out any information that would be harmful to the victim or the search so we stayed pretty quiet. We also did not want to sound insensitive or like we were victim shaming. I know some people were upset with our initial IG post but to be clear we were only responding to the “misinformation” that was out there saying ludicrous things but we WERE NOT denying the incident that happened or claiming someone wasn’t telling the truth. I am sorry if it came across that way as it was not our intentions.
Now that she is home safe, we feel it is important to get out some more details and facts due to a lot of misinformation that has been posted out there on social media and even the news stations. And to answer the questions we are able to answer since we are getting so many.
First and foremost we are so happy and thankful that the female involved was found safe and returned home. We can’t imagine what this has been like for her or her family. And they are in our prayers and thoughts. I don’t want to talk much more about her to ensure her privacy. But she will remain in our prayers.
We take this type of stuff very serious and Troubadours has cooperated fully with the Mobile Police Department assisting with video footage to help them figure out what happened and to help locate her and the guy involved in the incident. We go over and beyond every night to insure the safety of our customers. We pay a lot of money for four off-duty police officers to monitor our parking lots and the surrounding areas around the building. We have more security staff than any other venue in the city as well. Customer safety and experience is our number one priority.
But we as a business, like any business, can also only do so much. The exact details still aren’t extremely clear and the ones that are we can’t share publicly because of an open investigation. But I will say that I am not sure what else we could have done differently as a business to prevent this from happening. The person that was arrested has never been inside Troubadours, wasn’t a member of Troubadours and wasn’t even an Alabama resident. He never stepped foot in the bar that night either. He stayed in the parking lot the entire time. This is a individual who took advantage of a place that he was aware is one of the busiest spots in the city and would have a ton of people. To clear up one other part, there was only one individual involved and he has been arrested. So any other info out there is 100% false.
This could have happened at Wal Mart, the Mall or any other busy spot in the city or any city for that matter. The world today is a crazy place. There are some sick people out there so you should always be aware of your surroundings. And ask for help if you need it. Our security staff or off-duty cops are always willing to help if you need them, even if it’s just to walk you to your vehicle or call an Uber.
Our staff has had a tough time with this over some of the crazy things people have said on social media. Our bartenders are mostly female college students trying to make money to pay their bills and survive college. The security staff mostly all work full time jobs during the week and then come in and moonlight three extra nights on the weekend to make money to support their families as well. Our owner is a single father who runs this business to support his family. And no one hates this happened more than our staff because of how important our customers are to each of us. They are our livelihood. And we love all of them.
As far as the age questions that we are getting. We check IDs thoroughly at the door. We do not under any circumstances condone underage drinking and take that very serious! We are vigilant about looking for underage drinking every night and have a well-trained bar staff and security staff. We will have underage drinkers removed and potentially even arrested if they attempt to do it at anytime in our establishment. And also if we catch them we call the parent and have them pick up the kid. So for anyone saying we do not monitor this is sadly misinformed. But reality also is that in today’s time, fake IDs are easily purchased online and it’s a battle every venue has to deal with. Our staff is some of the most well-trained door people in the state at dealing with this. And we turn down numerous patrons every night trying to deceive the venue.
Lastly, we will continue to be proactive with our security measures as Troubadours has always been aggressive when it comes to making improvements to our business. And that will continue. Also remember that we are always willing to walk anyone to their vehicles if they are alone or for whatever reason. We also pay for several Uber’s a weekend to make sure people are arriving home safely so although we encourage everyone to drink responsibility if you feel you have had too much we will gladly help you get a ride or Uber.

Troubadours- Mobile Alabama

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